Ceilidh Place purchase 3 Kim Canale paintings

The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool have purchased 3 of Kim Canale's paintings for their permanent collection.

The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool grew out of Broomview Cottage and was started in 1970 by the actor Robert Urquhart, who was born there in 1921. He started a small café in the boatshed with aspirations that it became a place for eating, meeting, talking and singing. A place to be. A place where not only postcards but life histories would be written. A sign outside invited musicians to sing or play for their supper. If they were good, their supper could take some time. Few were served quickly.

There were no guarantees, no promises, but maybe life could change here; that was the hope. A place to be. That was something. There were magical nights when musicians played and hearts were broken. There were magical days when the summer sun shone on ‘til midnight and the conversations drifted into the early morning light. There was, it seemed, all of life in one small Ceilidh Place. For more information visit: www.ceilidhplace.com


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