You don't need to live in Major Cities these days, to find critically engaging Contemporary and emerging art.

If you want to start collecting art the best way is to view as much as possible. Both Commercial and Public Galleries. The Internet has a wealth of information and there are great Artist's run Studios/spaces popping up all over Scotland.

The way I started my art collection was to visit Degree Shows every year. Be your very own talent scout. Its a wonderful way to develop your taste, and see artist's hopefully become successful and can lead to some great investments, although most people buy art because they fall in love with it.

Buying art should not feel intimidating and you should feel happy to ask for as much information on a particular work or artist and also get onto their mailing lists and attend private views and Art Fairs.

Collecting Art is very personal and once you are bitten by the bug, there is no going back. The pleasure will last a life time.

Clients of WALL PROJECTS for 8 years, Dr Jim Penman and Eileen Penman, have a large and beautiful collection of Modern Art;

“Buying art from Kim and WALL PROJECTS has never been anything other than a great experience for myself and my wife Eileen. The chance to see pieces in the context of her Home Gallery rather than the more formal environments of a gallery, gives us the opportunity to live with the piece for a short time before buying. This is a real help to me at any rate, having previously bought art in a more conventional way for the past 30 years. WALL PROJECTS is a great idea.

I also enjoy the way Kim brings to us an opportunity to view the work of dynamic local artists and international practitioners too; and of course she herself as an Artist is included in this group.

A major strength of WALL PROJECTS, and Kim's approach is that it is Artist led, rather than commerce led. Small and intimate, warm and a great experience. For the buyer, you hardly know you've parted with your money.”


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