It’s hard to believe that I started my Art Gallery in my home town of Montrose 8 years ago. It is harder to believe that so many people in Angus still do not know that a Contemporary Art Space is on their doorstep.

The idea of Exhibiting Art in a domestic space is not an unusual one, however it may inhibit some people from coming along to one of the several Exhibitions I hold each year at WALL PROJECTS…..don’t let it!. It is a great opportunity to see emerging Artist’s from all the 4 Scottish Degree shows, display their work in Montrose, like award winning Painter Anna King and many more established Artist’s at the top of their game.

What started out with 8 people at my first preview, to just over 130 people at my last Exhibition, has made me realise that WALL PROJECTS has become a destination to pop in and view/buy Art and have the odd glass of wine.

An exciting project for me and for the people of Angus is the wonderful new space I have as a studio/gallery. The Old Montrose Rope & Sail in Bents road was built in 1789, and has been empty for the past 4 years since Neil and Lynda Paton moved to new premises in Brent Avenue. I had been looking for a larger studio to work in for a few years, and as Lynda, is an Art lover and a regular at WALL PROJECTS, she thought about the ‘Old Ropey’ for me to work in.

As soon as I walked in, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The space and light alone was amazing, but the exposed walls and heritage of the building captured my imagination and we could see the potential for a Gallery space/studios/workshops……endless possibilities. A much needed Art Hub.

It shall allow me to exhibit large scale work and installations, while still using WALL PROJECTS I, for smaller Exhibitions.

Having the support of such a reputable family business, like Montrose Rope and Sale, who knows what the future has in store. For the time being I am delighted to get back to my own studio practice.

I am a big believer that you should not have to live in major cities these days, to find critically engaging contemporary and emerging art. Buying art should not feel intimidating, and it has always been my aim to make everyone who comes to my Gallery aware that it is not only a space to buy work, but to take a bit of timeout, just to look at the wonderful art on the walls.

Once you are bitten by the art bug, there is no going back, the pleasure will last a lifetime…


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