Naomi’s work explores a connection between the language of abstraction and the traditional genre of landscape painting. Within her work she presents the idea of landscape as both a real and fictional space.


The implication of a landscape invites the viewer to respond and connect to an idea, suggestion, or atmosphere of a place or time. The multiple ways in which we see a landscape fascinate her; any landscape is subject to continual change, just as the way we look at it from different perspectives and at different times alters our visual connection and interpretation of it.


The compositions hold recognisable elements of a landscape or space but are also hugely concerned with use of materials and painted surface. Naomi aims to create a question over whether the work is a representation of a place or the representation of a feeling. She hopes to ask each viewer whether it is less about one and more about the other. The blurred boundary between abstraction and representation sets about to confuse any immediate response, and to pose more questions than answers in order for there to be a sustained visual engagement with the painted surface itself.


Naomi’s work maintains a strong interest in the gestural mark and in the materiality of paint; its texture, luminosity, and plasticity. It is the evocative nature of these qualities, and the relationships between colour and atmosphere that informs her work. The paintings ask for both a sensory and cerebral response to the subject of the painted surface.




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