British artist Dion Salvador Lloyd was born in Brighton in 1967. His work has been exhibited widely across the UK and has been selected for the Royal Academy “Summer Exhibition”, Discerning Eye, RWA in Bristol, RBSA in Birmingham and the ROI at the Mall Galleries, London. He currently lives and works in Brighton, UK as a full time practicing artist.


Working in oils, mark making and texture are as essential to Lloyd’s work as is the tone and palette chosen. Having a deep connection and a fascination with the natural world Lloyd paints ‘contemporary landscapes’, creating each piece without using any reference. 


Lloyd pushes out his internal dramas and feelings onto the surface, not in a way that demands to be heard, but rather, in a quiet, modest way. Through his work he seeks to understand himself and his world, each canvas very much like a page in a diary, where his most intimate feelings are registered and recorded. He then invites us, the audience, to witness these places that he has been and seen, never demanding understanding, simply to share and to see what we find of ourselves within them. 

When an individual discovers his works they are thrown into a layered and complex world of exploration.


Exploration of their own imagination as well as exploration of the artist himself, who draws upon music, nature, light, beauty and decay for inspiration. Engaging with music in the studio, the work created over time and in many stages is a deeply personal experience. Having not attended any formal school of art Lloyd has held a grim determination to master the medium of paint, to bend it to his will, to push it beyond his own or anyone else's expectations, to see what paint can become when worked, pushed and chiseled. It is not just the image created, but also its depth, shape and contour, a visceral finish that makes the viewer want to reach out and touch, as well as to look. In Lloyd's work we find a tangible connection to the surface of things, the weather beaten complexion of our world.




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