Anna paints scenes from the edges of our habitation, the overlooked, peripheral places: wastelands, patches of scrub, lorry containers and abandoned buildings, that are more often viewed flashing past from the inside of a car. Climbing through a broken window or fence, she finds herself in a no-mans land, unclaimed territory, that - for a while anyway - she can have as her own, documenting the traces of human activity left there.


This is urbanisation vs. wilderness on a different scale. Anna depicts a world where the natural and man made collide, but it is a feral urban wilderness that nature is slowly reclaiming, where humans have once been but are now oddly missing. These structures are marks we’ve made on the world, and now time passes without human intervention - paint peels, grass grows through cracks in concrete and the temporary nature of our own existence is brought into sharper focus.


Anna work in oil paints, but rather than the formal tradition of oil on canvas, she prefers to work on paper pasted onto board, resulting in a more deconstructed, sketch-like finished work, the smooth surface, fragility and fluidity of the mark making on paper echoing the temporary and peripheral nature of the places she paints.




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